An Introduction to Origami

Origami is any piece of art that is made by folding of paper. It requires very technical skills to come up with origami. This term is generally used for all the paper folding practices. However, its origin is associated with the culture of the Japanese people. The most common origami is the flower and butterflies. Origami may seem to be so simple and easy. It is true that some origami projects are simple like folding paper into a paper airplane. However, there are some other complex origami projects which often involve folding very many papers. Click here to get started.

Some people are interested in learning origami. Good news is that there are many printed books and other materials that instructions on how to fold various origami projects. There are various reasons why different people learn origami. Origami as a whole has various significant uses. Origami-like techniques are used in advanced technologies. For example, in architectural and civil engineering. The structures of stadiums and bridges from the paper folds inspire the real architectural structures of these facilities.

The other field that origami is widely used is in the medical field. These paper folds are often useful in modeling cell membranes and proteins. These paper folds are also significant in the design of an expandable artery stent using a shape memory alloy. The other use of origami is the stimulation of the DNA patterns. There are other various uses of origami in the hi-tech medical applications. However, these are the most common uses of origami in the medical field. Also, mathematics is another area where origami is used. It is a usual thing to see a math teacher using the paper folds to teach some geometry and the research lessons.  Learn more at this website.

Robotics is quite a rare field. It is common among the most engineering advanced countries. This field is a very technical field, yet origami is also used. Examples of the areas that origami is largely used in robotics is forming the structures when making diameter wheels out of the magic balls. Another advanced field that relies on origami is the space technologies. We have all heard of the plans to launch an origami airplane from the space. The only issue was durability which has already been sorted since the prototype passed the durability test.

Finally, mechanical engineering is yet another field that uses the origami structures. This form of art can also be used as an entertainment activity. These are some of the common application of this amazing art.